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We believe that baking is not only an art but also a form of love. Every piece of pastry that leaves our bakery is an expression of our dedication and passion for the craft.

The finest ingredients, masterful creations

At Gerstner craftsmanship and traditional baking come together to offer unforgettable culinary delights. As court sugar bakers, we combine centuries-old baking traditions with modern creativity to create handmade cakes and pastries of the highest quality.


Our passion for craftsmanship is evident in every step of our baking process. We use only the finest ingredients, carefully selected from local sources, to ensure that every tart, cake and pastry offers unparalleled taste and quality.

The right treat for every season

Immerse yourself in the world of seasonal delights with Gerstner. Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween or other celebrations – our seasonal products are the perfect way to give the gift of appreciation and joy.